Mortals (EP)

by Fall of Mirra

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This is Fall of Mirra 2nd EP.


released August 28, 2016

Recorded at : Aeonix Productions
Produced by : Fall of Mirra & Aeonix Productions
Mixing and Mastering : Daniel Castleman
All Lyrics by : Fall of Mirra



all rights reserved


Fall of Mirra Singapore

Complete with brutally brutal guitar riffs, heart-thumping deadly basslines, vicious blast beats and savage vocals, the songs are largely recognizable by the aggressive undertones of their hardcore and metal influences, while melodically and rhythmically balanced by the many varying genres. ... more

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Track Name: Clouded Minds and Empty Souls
Take me by my words. I have fallen from my means of fighting on or remaining strong and wise.
My soul is hauled by my dire anchored cries. To deeper ends. And to colder lands.

piercing through my skin.
as these hollow shards makes its way within.
pulling me deeper in this bane.

I've lost!
As I part from existing between my own life!
Pull through!
You'll soar!
I've forsaken the grail on the words that I've bled

Oh! The tides have turn, suffocating in my fucking vices, fading away!

I tried and I tried,
but it wasn't enough.
I'm sick of living by mistakes.
clouded minds,
leaves nothing in,
my empty soul.

I sew my solace to this world, a withered pith is what it holds!
I'm trapped inside, I've lost my mind

Get the f*k out!

Your words,
I've held deep within me,
Cause I've lost my senses to break away,
For this life, is blinding me

I close my eyes,
this is my reverie,
eye in the sky,
this life is blinding me.
Track Name: Lost
I have faultered, In my own rectitude.
error and hatred, makes up this path i took.

Hope not regression, but doors to change our ways.
Our hearts are drowning, in depths of violent taint.
pulling me closer to be away, from seeing brighter days.
I'll hope for better days.

I'll walk this path alone, don't give a thoughts if they gave me gold
Look to the sky above, I'm begging for I'm lost
I'm lost
I'm lost
I'm lost
I'm lost

We are lost in our own deception. In our own perfidious imagination that we will live forever, we won't live forever.

In this realm, we're living ghosts,
I felt my fate and lost my head.

So see me through,
The mess of what remains,
An empty shell,
But It's all that i have.
Don't look for me,
As I settle for my demise,
This world is not for me.
I have never felt alive.

Don't look for me,
I've found my path.
Track Name: Mortals
Save me from my own,
Fear has left my bones,
I have lost control,
From their vile soul

Fuck them all

Run, from my fucking sight
I swear these chains that held me down will yield for your blood in my hands
And I cant tame this pain
But there's voices telling me, as I try to reach my sanity

we'll set them free
we'll set them free
we'll set them free
you'll set them free


This is for the times where I held my ground, when I was hopeless and you forced me to drown. But soon you'll face your grave, residing with the curses and Devils you have made.

So here's to moving on,
Stay strong, the battle is on

They said I've lost my head,
That I'm wrong and the sickness still strong,
But one day when u you've finally see
Then all hope is gone but I'm hanging on.